Monday, May 21, 2012

Coconut pots vs peat pots

So after I somehow managed to stunt the growth of all my tomato and pepper plants.  We went out yesterday in search of bigger, and less fragile plants at Salem Herb Farm.  I walked around in the green house and found the peppers in these funny pots that the roots were growing right through.  Later that day we went to our CSA farm, Town Farm, to help them plant tomatoes.  Their tomatoes were also in these funny pots.  They explained to us that they didn't like the peat pots they had used before and were trying coconut husk pots this year instead.  I had never heard of these before.

Many environmentalists are frowning on the use of peat for gardening and are looking for alternatives that are just as good so they came up with things like these coconut pots.  They seem to be even better than the peat pots.  But why frown upon the use the peat pots?  They are supposed to be environmentally friendly.  Actually they aren't.  The peat moss we use is dead moss that is buried for many years under the new moss growth.  It is a foundation and home for the new moss and for the many creatures that live in it.  This foundation layer takes a long time to build up, so when we harvest it, it is takes a long time to rebuild.  Not to mention that the moss and creatures living on it are disturbed and destroyed in the process.  Here is a link to check it our further.  Just a little something to think about when you start your seedlings next year.

Another thing I have seen is cowpots.  These pots are made with cow manure which is really good for your plants anyways.

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