Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mead making part three

Step three is very simple.  Take your siphon, which you have cleaned well, and siphon the liquid you have from the bucket to the appropriate carboy which you have also cleaned well.  If you can get past my ugly kitchen floor in the picture, you'll notice that the carboy is not full.  You want to top it off with water, but not too full.  It will bubble up nicely unless something is wrong, and then overflow out the top of the airlock.  Yes, I have had to clean up this mess as well.  You can add more later if you need to, but you can't really take any out other than what overflows.  Once the water is in, put the half full airlock on top and wait.  You can wait three months and  rack it, then wait three more.  Or you can just wait six months and rack it.  I will likely wait six months because I make an effort in the beginning to not get much silt into the carboy.  This means leaving some extra liquid in the bottom of the bucket.  That is ok.  One more thing, this picture is cantaloupe mead, not the watermelon I have been showing you all along.  I made two batches at the same time and just happened to have taken the picture of this one.  That is why it isn't pink like the other pictures.  See you in six months!

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