Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No dig potatoes

Part of starting a permaculture farm is learning as much as possible while you are waiting to buy the actual farm.  All of the books that I have read suggest that you try as many things out as possible before throwing yourself into a new farm with no idea what you are doing.  I have been spending a lot of time learning how to garden organically and using some permaculture methods as well.  Permaculture tends to be more perennials, but I can't see getting perennials established to leave them when I go so I work with what I can.

So anyway, I'm trying something in the garden this year called no dig potatoes.  I've heard they have great yields and best of all, no digging.  Basically you lay down cardboard on the ground.  You then lay out your prepared potatoes on top of the cardboard instead of in the ground.  Then you can add various amendments if you like.  I chose simple to see how it worked and added nothing.  Then you cover the potatoes with straw.

Here's a great link if you'd like to try it yourself:
I'll let you know how mine turn out.

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