Monday, April 2, 2012

What is permaculture?

What is permaculture?  Permaculture is a way of designing your landscape where all of aspects works together.  This includes gardens, animals, buildings and anything else you have.  The design you use is based on that of nature.  For example, a tree grows in the forest.  The leaves fall off the tree and create compost for that tree which provides organic matter to feed the tree and also helps conserve water for that tree.  This tree also grows fruit which can feed animals and people of course.  The decaying leaves feed the bacteria and the mushrooms and the slugs.  The ducks eat the slugs which helps to keep them off of your garden.  The ducks also lay eggs that we can eat.  You can also eat some of the mushrooms.  A vine could grow up the tree rather than you having to trellis it.  That vine also produces fruits and more leaves for compost.  If you set up your whole yard this way, then everything takes care of each other and you don't have to do much at all.  Everything grows year after year and you can put in as much or a little work as you choose and you will still get some food.  Perennial vegetables rather than traditional annuals also make far less work for you.
If you want a better explanation than what I can do, check out this website:

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