Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Drinking Rainwater

We don't drink water from the tap at my house.  There are chemical additives like chlorine and fluoride in the public drinking water.  That could be a week's worth of posts all alone, but skip that part for now.  We have been drinking bottled water, but have voted that out now too.  I can't imagine that water soaking in plastic can be good for you, not to mention the cost and huge amount of waste in plastic bottles.
So now we are drinking rainwater.  I know that there is plenty of bad stuff in rainwater,  but we got this fancy new filter in the mail yesterday from Berkey.  The filter removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, chlorine, fertilizers, and VOC's.  It cost us less than $300 and the filters are good for around 16 years average for our family use.  When you do need to replace them they are only about $40.  Bottled water was costing us about $1.10 a day x 365 days per year = $400.  Paid for in less than one year.  Not to mention the 365 water jugs kept from the landfill.
I know that we can't collect rain water in the dead of winter.  We could melt snow if we wanted to but that could turn into a huge pain.  So during the winter we will be using tap water.  We bought a couple of fluoride filters ($30) so that we could still have good fluoride free water all winter.
The water is delicious by the way.

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