Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poles vs trellises

Poles and trellises are not the same thing.  Trellises are the mesh or fence type you use for things like peas.  Poles are just posts that you use for beans and things like that.  I know this should seem very obvious to most, but I, for whatever reason, put poles up for my peas rather than trellises.  This is the wrong thing to do and this is what happens when you do it.
The peas did not grow up the poles at all.  They just laid on the ground and didn't grow very well.  They weren't as tall as they should have been and the peas sat on the ground and got pretty gross.  I had to go around and wrap each vine around a pole and twist tie it so that it would stay in place.  They vines don't seem to be growing any bigger, but the new peas are doing well.  They are very tasty.  However, I only got enough for maybe three meals.  Usually the peas go crazy and I have to give a bunch away.  I will at least be able to save seeds from the inedible peas for growing next year.  They will have a trellis for sure and I won't have to worry about them laying around not growing and providing.
A trellis (from waldeneffect.com)
Bean Poles (from frenchgardening.com) 

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