Monday, June 18, 2012

Vegetable and herb shelves

My kitchen is always crowded with fresh vegetables and herbs this time of year.  Many vegetables don't need to be stored in the fridge so they sit on my counters in vases of water.  I have fresh herbs from the garden that need a good place to dry, so they end up randomly spread around the kitchen.  The counter tops quickly get crowded and the herbs can get dumped on the floor and squashed. Let's make shelves!
I rounded up some scrap wood and a broken bamboo shade that had been laying around taking up space.  I was going to build three shelves for the vegetables and two bamboo racks for the herbs but had pieces of wood that were too skinny.  So I made half shelves and finished them
off with half bamboo drying racks instead.  The top shelf is just a bamboo rack for the larger herbs.  Now I have clean counter tops and less scraps laying around the house.  We'll see how these shelves hold up, but them seem like they will do just fine.

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