Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garlic scapes

If you grow hardneck garlic, then I'm sure you already know all about the scapes.  They grow out through the center of the garlic plant and will eventually flower.  The small bulbous part is the part that will become the flower.  If you let the scapes grow and flower, it will hinder the growth of the garlic bulbs because all the energy is being used to produce the flower.  Therefore you should just cut it off.  However, don't throw them away!  They are good for eating in recipes like pesto or sauteed in a stirfry.  I always learned that you can tell the scapes because they form a big curl coming out of the center.  I wouldn't let them get this big.  All the energy used to grow them could be better directed at producing the bulbs that we really grow the garlic for.  I'll post a good recipe soon.

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