Friday, June 1, 2012

Shiitake logs part one

My next project is to try my hand at growing mushrooms.  I'm going with shiitake because they are one of the more healthy and easy to grow varieties.  I ordered shiitake plugs about a week ago from Pinetree Garden Seeds.  The plugs need to rest after shipping so right now they are sitting in the dark cool closet doing just that.  While the plugs are resting, I am getting the oak logs I have ready to be inoculated.  Basically all I did was to drill holes in the logs about the size of the plugs.  The holes are sort of evenly spaced over the logs in a staggered pattern.  Next I put the logs in a large plastic bin filled with water to soak over night.  The brick is to keep them submerged.

If you look at the logs, you can see that a couple of the logs are covered with green stuff.  Anything growing on the logs may prevent the logs from being excellent shiitake logs due to the competition.  I'm only using them because I have a limited supply of free oak logs for this project. 

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